Company History

Rig#1 - 1978

In the 1970s, Ron Shore was a small oil producer who had grown dissatisfied with the quality of service that he was getting from his well servicing contractors. He thought he could provide better service because he would operate his well servicing company from the small operators perspective – get the job done safely and efficiency.  Most importantly – DO IT RIGHT!

Starting off with one used rig, TEC began business in Kilgore, Texas in 1978. In the beginning, Ron was his own largest customer. But over time, the customer base grew as other oil companies began to notice that there really was a difference in the service that TEC delivered to their customers.

By 1995, TEC had grown to a total of 7 workover rigs and 1 swab rig and had moved to from Kilgore to White Oak. From 1995 through 1998, TEC added 3 more rigs to its fleet for a total of 10 workover rigs.

In 1996, Ron’s son Stephen Shore joined the company.  Ron realized that the key to prospering and further growth was to offer services and quality that were not available from other well servicing contractors. In other words, differentiate TEC from any other well servicing contractor by delivering a level of professionalism and package of services that had not been available up to that time.  Stephen, who had a MBA from Penn State and 11 years of management experience, was given the task of executing Ron’s vision.  One of his Stephen’s first projects was the implementation of laptop computers in the field at the supervisor level. TEC soon became a leader in the industry in providing useful and timely information from the field in the form of electronic field tickets, tubing tallies, and wellbore schematics.  Stephen also rolled out complete rig packages including rig, pump, tank, power swivels, pipe racks, catwalks, BOPs, and forklifts.  TEC soon became the go-to well service company in the Ark-La-Tex for demanding workovers and completions. 

By 2007, the company had grown to 22 workover rigs and moved into its current headquarters in Longview, Texas. 

In 2010, TEC opened a yard in Odessa, Texas and brought with it the same type of full package of services that it had become known for in East Texas.  In the Permian, TEC was one of the first companies to provide complete rig packages on one ticket and one invoice.  The company has since developed a strong reputation in the Permian for safe, efficient, and professional services.  The full rig solutions that TEC provides are safer, more efficient, and more cost effective that the traditional practice of piecing rig packages together from several vendors. 

In 2015, the TEC expanded again into North Texas and the Niobrara with the merger of TEC with Trupoint Well Service, LP and Nexus Oil Tools, LLC.  The addition of the Trupoint assets added 13 workover rigs (8 Loadcraft 550 rigs with 110’ masts and 5 Taylor 500 rigs with 104’ masts) and four swab rigs.  Services and equipment provided by the combined company now include 37 workover rigs, each with a full workover and well control package, 10 swab rigs, 4 kill trucks, as well as packers, isolation tools, and fishing services. 

Trupoint Well Service, LP and Nexus Oil Tools, LLC were  portfolio companies of B-29 Investments L.P., which is a private equity firm owned by John and Steve Schmitz of Gainesville, Texas.  John Schmitz, who has over 35 years of experience in the energy services business, is the founder and President of B-29 Investments L.P.  John expressed his excitement over the combination, “TEC has established itself as a premier well service company over the last few decades, and I have long admired their reputation for service and safety, and this reputation has only grown as the second generation of the Shore family took over and expanded the business.  We are excited about the opportunities that this combination will create and are glad to have such a great management team to work with.”    

Stephen Shore, TEC President & CEO, also noted, “This combination creates a financially strong platform to expand our services to our customers.  We have been approached many times by companies wanting to combine with us, but in Trupoint and B-29, we finally found an experienced partner who understands and shares our values and commitments to customers and employees.  We are truly excited about this combination and welcoming our new team members from Trupoint.”