Rig Maintenance

We offer the latest technology in equipment. Our workover rig fleet offers the latest in safety and efficient operating controls including crown and floor savers, integral BOP controls, OSHA approved walkways and hand rail systems, OSHA approved crew anti-fall devices, and efficient operator-friendly controls.

All of our supervisors are equipped with notebook computers in the field — we can deliver our reports and well bore diagrams from the location. Our goal is to give our customers the information they need when they need it

Even though you do not "pay" for rig downtime, we recognize that lost productivity while your wells are down is costly. Therefore, to minimize downtime, we have available a fully-equipped mobile rig technician to make rig repairs in the field. In addition, every TEC rig is subject to a comprehensive, preventive maintenance / refurbishment program. Performed by National Oilwell, the manufacturing OEM, these services included: 

  • Strip derrick to bare metal and magnaflux test. Ultrasonic gauging used to check metal strength & thickness. All required repairs performed by certified welders.
  • Repair/Rebuild draw-works.
  • Repair/Rebuild engine and power train.
  • Repair/Rebuild all tools and work platforms